HeatMapp is an online collaborative project management tool with a credit-score like system  for departments and employees designed to track, measure and alert management on task and project completion or delinquency


Individual locations and employees have a number from 0-100 to indicate their performance health Score. Performance health scores are determined by the number of outstanding, pending or completed tasks. Owners and Senior Management can see the real time health scores of their individual locations on their HeatMapp.


A  department is a category, role, person or actual department within a business. For example, a Hospital may have Administration, Nursing and Pharmacy departments with different staff members in those departments. A restaurant may have Kitchen, Front of House, Marketing, Accounting and Management. Issues or “tickets” are identified with app icon like alerts.




Task are assigned to staff members with a completion date and time. An email is sent to the user alerting them of the task and the deadline.


  • Pending: A task has been assigned and the countdown timer for completion of the task has begun. Pending status has a Yellow color associated throughout the system.   

  • Completed: The task has been completed. Completed status has a Green color associated throughout the system. 

  • Outstanding: The task has not been completed and the completion date has not been met. Outstanding status has a Red color associated throughout the system. 



An email is sent to the user alerting them of the task and the deadline. Users will follow the link in the email to login to HeatMap and view the task. When there is 6 hours left on a timed task a reminder alert is sent to the assigned staff members email. If the task is not completed by the due daye and time the HeatMapp Score for that location will be negatively affected.